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Traveling to Panama after COVID-19

The world is opening up again and traveling to Panama (especially for a guys’ trip) will be a great way to resume getting away from the office.

If you’re planning a bachelor – or bachelorette – party trip before tying the knot, consider taking the party to Panama. Highlife Panama can help you organize the trip of a lifetime at an affordable price.

With Highlife Panama we’ve got the hookup so you and your crew will get VIP treatment wherever you go.

Traveling to Panama after COVID-19

While the world has passed the days of quarantine and shut-downs, you and your friends should be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before going to Panama.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that Panama has a high level of COVID-19 cases currently. With vaccines that are more than 90 percent effective, the two doses of vaccine that are easily available in the U.S. should protect everyone in your party from illness. Keeping hands clean, distancing from others outside your group, and wearing a mask all will help everyone stay healthy.

This will be easier said than done while you’re partying at one of the many luxury nightclubs the city has to offer, but we want to keep you safe.

The vaccine rollout has been underway in Panama for some months now, and all visitors are required to present a negative PCR test within 72 hours of arriving in the country.

Depending on where you are visiting from, you may need to take an additional PCR test when you arrive in Panama and quarantine for a minimum of 3 days.

Like many countries, Panama does have a mandatory curfew at night, limiting certain activities. This, however, changes and shouldn’t be too much of a deterrent from visiting.

Flying to Panama

Air travel will require your party to wear face masks while on the plane, and most airports require them as well. Make sure they’re the N-95 masks as many airlines tend to get strict.

Embracing wearing face masks when you’re in public will protect your party, plus you can make it fun by getting face masks designed just for your Panama bachelor party or bachelorette party.

You can make swag bags including face masks and hand sanitizer for each member of your wedding party. Add snacks, beverages, sunscreen and maybe a set of sunglasses for wearing on the beach.

Panama Bachelor Party

Gone are the days of celebrating a marriage with just a night of drinking. Today’s brides and grooms mark this rite of passage with time spent with their best friends in exotic locations. Panama is the playground where bachelors and their best friends can enjoy a trip they’ll remember. We’re here to make sure you hit the ground running.


Staying in a penthouse apartment, a restored colonial mansion, or a jungle hideaway can keep your party in its own COVID-19-free bubble. Highlife Panama can make all the arrangements, so all you and your friends have to do is enjoy the beauty and excitement of Panama. Explore the city with us or if you prefer, we’ll bring the party to you via our VIP concierge service.

Private Yacht Cruises

Another safe way for bachelor party crews to enjoy Panama is a private yacht cruise. Highlife Panama can arrange deep-sea fishing and “booze cruise” trips to take the party to the waves.

Daytime Fun

Take your party on a helicopter cruise or a tour of the Panama Canal. Go on a Monkey Island Jungle Safari or a waterfall hike. Go snorkeling in the Caribbean.

Highlife Panama can make all those daytime excursions happen for your bachelor or bachelorette trip. Just be sure you schedule time for relaxing on the beach or visiting one of Panama’s full-service spas for massages.

Nighttime Excitement

Highlife Panama can take your party on a five-star luxury tour of the best of Panama’s nightlife. Rooftop bars, private clubs, and adult nightlife tours are Highlife Panama’s specialty. Visit them all with a limousine to take you and your friends from club to club. Think of it as the bachelor party with which future guys’ trips are measured.

Bachelorette parties in Panama can include private tables at the hottest clubs in the country and your own personal driver. Enjoy mojitos in Panama City’s historic district or dance the night away at a rooftop bar. You and your girls will bond over the best Panama City nightlife has to offer.

Highlife Panama will take you on nightlife tours usually reserved for VIPs, stars, and celebrities. Live it up and experience the excitement of Panama’s glittering nightlife.

Travel to Panama Safely post-COVID

If you’re ready to celebrate your upcoming wedding with your best friends on the trip of a lifetime, traveling to Panama is a safe option. Getting two doses of COVID-19 vaccine plus precautions such as wearing face masks, using hand sanitizer and social distancing will keep you and your party safe while allowing you to see the best of what Panama has to offer.

Enjoy staying with your best friends in a historic mansion or a sleek high-rise condominium. Enjoy Panama’s natural beauty outdoors during the day. Deep-sea fishing, hiking, water sports, and more are available through Highlife Panama.

At night, light up the city at the best bars, nightclubs, and playgrounds in Panama. Five-star luxury transportation to Panama’s best clubs, private tables, and more are where Highlife Panama shines.

As the world reopens, enjoy a bachelor party or bachelorette party in Panama. Highlife Panama can save you money while making party planning easy. All you and your friends will need to do is pack your bags and go. Let Highlife Panama do the rest to make your Panama bachelor party luxurious and memorable.

Panama and other Bachelor Party Destinations

Being under 3 hours away from Miami, your crew will surely hit the ground running and we’ve got the hookup in both Panama City, Jaco Beach, Medellin, and Cartagena, Colombia. From luxury vacation rentals to party packages in all of these cities, Highlife Panama has you covered.


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