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Helicopter Tours & Charters

Don't stand by looking up to the skies when you could be up there touring over the skyline of Panama City or the famous Panama Canal. Go by yourself or take a few friends and hit the skies. Take a quick tour or customize your charter. Our tours start at $150 per person for 20 minutes over the Panama Canal and city. 

Depending on the size of your group or needs we can arrange helicopter transport or tours to/from various destinations in and around Panama City.


Some typical helicopter charter tours:


  • City skyline, canal, and Spanish forts tour

  • Charter to Taboga Island

  • Charter to Pearl Islands

  • Charter to San Blas Islands

The Highlife Helicopter Tour

  • Panama Canal

  • Skyline

  • Spanish Forts 

Check out this short video from one of our recent heli tours. Don't you want to do this? 

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