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New Bachelor Destination: Havana, Cuba

For years, Cuba has been considered an off limits place to travel. I'm sure we all have those friends who went and took those iconic photos next to the classic convertibles. For the rest of us, we just didn't think we could go and never thought of it as a possibility for our next trip, let alone a bachelor party trip.

Let me tell you, Cuba is open for business and the perfect destination for the gentleman's getaway.

Havana Cabaret

The decades of isolation from the growing capitalist society of the west has given Cuba a unique culture, allowing it to grow on a different trajectory. From the moment you land, you are not greeted by an onslaught of billboards or advertising, but quite the opposite. You are instead greeted by a whole bunch of nothing - no commercialization or advertising propaganda - only that of the socialist cause, proclaiming long live Fidel or some variation of that. Honestly, it's kind of refreshing to step outside of our hyper-stimulus society and into a slower paced one. It allows you to disconnect and focus on what you're doing then and there in the moment.

Escape the hustle and bustle and just enjoy the trip. The arts and music scene has just flourished in Havana, feeding off the never ending stream of European tourists, so everywhere you go you'll find live music, rum, and cigars. If you don't smoke... on this trip you might start. The proliferation of tobacco is everywhere; old grandmas puffing away on a cohiba outside their porch. Every night there seems to be hotspots to check out, the bigger ones having that Miami vibe, pumping out your standard club music.

Where do you stay?

Havana Mansion Rental

When the revolution happened, the affluent either fled the country or had their riches ripped away from them, including their exquisite mansions and villas. Nowadays, those properties have ended up in the hands of Cuban expats who have made some money elsewhere and bought them up now. Hidden away from the prying eyes of the socialist government, you'll find jewels tucked away throughout Havana, oasis in this otherwise egalitarian place. Staying in one of these villas or mansions seems to transport you back to the golden age of Cuba, before the revolution when the beaches were hot and the salsa clubs hotter.

Cuba Cigar Plantation

During the day you have to take advantage of the number of activities around Havana. Whether it's the museums, cigar or rum factory, beaches, or chilling around the plazas of Old Havana, the day is just as much fun as the night. If you need more action, deep sea fishing is another option, where you can fish out of the same marina Ernest Hemingway brought in the largest Marlin ever recorded. Believe me, the Cubans are just as proud of Ernest Hemingway as Americans are and it shows. His photos with Fidel, fishing, and others adorn the walls of the marina that carries his namesake. Don't like the sea? Go inland to the famed valleys of Viñales where Cohibas source their tobacco. The limestone hills surround the valley towering over the fields, breathtaking at site. A full day excursion, you can explore the cigar plantations and caves formed by the limestone hills.

Cuba Fishing

Whether you want to just party at night in search of your Cuban muse, hit the beaches, explore the plantations, go after the prize marlin, or chill in an Old Havana plaza listening to salsa, Cuba is the perfect destination for the gentleman's getaway.

Highlife Havana was created to provide the perfect experience while visiting this unique destination, to ensure your stay is as smooth as possible, taking advantage of the best spots. Don't waste your time, your money, or your patience. Cuba is still a complicated place to get around and make happen so talk to us or check out the site and get more detailed info:

Havana Bachelor Party



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