Top 5 Bachelor Friendly Hotels in Panama City

Booming in construction, growth, and a rising tourism destination, Panama is the region’s rising star. With this attractiveness comes the big hotel chains, and oh man have they come in! Numbering more than 13,000 available rooms in Panama City, there is no shortage of hotels, BUT how do you choose the best option that’s bachelor friendly.

At Highlife Panama, we have gone ahead and reviewed the accommodation options for downtown Panama City so you don’t have to and you get to benefit from our insider knowledge on the ground. Though there are more hotels in Panama than those listed, we’ve ranked the top 5 bachelor party friendly hotels:

#5 Hard Rock Hotel

Starting off our list, and ranking at the bottom is the Hard Rock hotel. This megapolis structure is located in the heart of downtown, an iconical building massive in size, and viewable from most parts of the city with its multi-colored lights shining bright at night coming from the 62nd floor rooftop club/ bar.

Pros: This hotel has a great pool bar and decent party atmosphere with a number of restaurants inside the hotel. Across the street from the hotel is a line up of outdoor bar/ restaurants that is usually packed and in party mode.

Cons: the rooms are pretty standard, nothing special, without the option for a penthouse. Inviting guests back to the room will cost you $150 per non-registered guest and is the highest rate in the city. There is a casino here though it is not within the hotel, but across the airbridge inside the mall across the street and is not well maintained with few gaming options. So to sum it up, the best qualities of the Hard Rock hotel can be enjoyed without having to actually stay here. The clubs can be sick and the rooftop bar spectacular, but you don’t have to be a guest to party.

#4 Trump International Hotel

Located in the tallest tower in the country, the casino is one of the best and largest, but don’t rely on the sportsbook here to be open. With the highest pool bar located on the 66th floor this is a great sunset happy hour locale to get the night started.

Pros: A great casino for picking up talent – hopefully you’re on the plus side or it’s going to be a very expensive night. Every suite has at least a partial ocean view. The presidential suite has a secret escape hatch into the hallway from the bathroom through the closet in case your finance shows up unannounced.

Cons: This hotel is a labyrinth of sorts, trying to navigate between hotel, restaurants, casino, pool area. You can honestly get lost trying to get around this place. The suites, though large are weirdly designed so not optimal for groups as there is a large window into the bathroom behind the bed with a large jacuzzi tub. This is great as a private suite, but doesn’t work for groups. Additionally, the location of this hotel makes it hard to get in and out with traffic as it is situated in one of the highest traffic zones in the city. The guest fee is $100 here per non-registered guest.

#3 Waldorf Astoria

This classic luxury hotel is right in the heart of downtown. The staff are used to bachelor parties and are way more relaxed with bachelor party behavior.

Pros: the suites are excellent and the location is excellent. Staff are friendly and will put up with almost anything. It smells like vanilla.

Cons: the penthouses were sold off and are no longer available. With continued construction in the area, new towers have obstructed nearly all views. Also, there is no casino on the premises.