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Why you shouldn't worry about Panama's Rainy Season

Of all the things to be concerned about during your trip I bet you’ve been questioning the weather. Maybe you checked the weather report and it said 90% chance of rain. I’m almost guaranteed it said this since the meteorologist put that up 3 years ago and has been too lazy to change it.

During the rainy season, May-November/December, it will rain, but the beauty of Panama and other tropical locales is that it will rain for about 1 hour in the afternoon and stop. It is almost like clockwork- set your watch to 3pm and you will know when it will rain. So, yes, the weather report is technically correct, but it is misleading.

Unless a larger storm system is rolling through across multiple countries in the region, it is unlikely that you will be stuck indoors because of a rainy day. If you have that yacht booked for the next day, but worried about the rain -- don’t; not only will the light showers come and go, but Panama consists of various micro-climates in which it could be raining downtown in the high-rise financial district while it is sunny and dry in the old town just 10 minutes down the road. This is even more common out on the water where the city could be covered in rain, but out at sea it is perfectly clear. If you’re going to Isla Taboga just 45 minutes off the coast you’ll be happily surprised as Panama City weather reports do not apply to the islands.

It all comes down to micro-climates and recognizing that yes, it will rain, but for a short time and just because it may be raining in one part of the city does not reflect how the weather is 1 km away let alone out at the beaches or on the Caribbean coast, 1 hour north. Letting a light shower in the afternoon control your entire days’ plans shouldn’t be your focus. If you’re looking to jump on a boat or hit the beach, then do it!

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