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Maybe you're the best man, maybe you're getting married, maybe you just want an excuse to party...

How to fit it all into 3 days:


Day 1 - 

Arrive in VIP style- skip customs and wait for your bags in a private cocktail bar. We arrange customs bypass

Night 1 -

Hit the town for bottle service in the finest clubs of Panama and rooftop hop from high rise to high rise


Day 2 - 

Awake in the middle of the day- jump into the jungle or pick from a variety of action sports.

Too hungover? - swing through the Panama Canal, no activity required


Night 2 -

When the sun starts to set head to the streets of old town for some Panamanian rum tasting.


Day 3 -

Take to the seas on your private yacht, inviting your party guests from the nights before

Night 3 -

Final Epic Night Out

Panama has become infamous for the anything goes attitude, fueled by beautiful international escorts from all over South America, and affordable access to luxury living. If you’re looking for the ultimate getaway for you and the boys then Panama has it all. Let loose and get wild in the city with the 3rd highest amount of skyscrapers in North America. Bounce around rooftop clubs of the 62nd floor or the colonial walled city with VIP access and bottle service. Take to the skies in your private helicopter flying through the buildings of downtown and shooting out over the world famous Panama Canal. Hit the waters during the day, throwing the most epic yacht party your crew won’t soon forget. By night, dine well in one of Panama’s top international restaurants with cuisine for any tastes. Then try your luck in one of the hundred casinos dotting the downtown city. Walk through the old town streets, sipping artisanal rum while you browse cigars.


Panama has it all, from the sprawling downtown metropolis to the beaches and jungle. Operating on the US dollar, with the highest levels of security in the whole region, Panama is THE adult playground of Central America. Whatever your main interests, we recommend that you don’t miss out on the Private Yacht Party, Nightlife hopping in downtown, and the limitless fun that you can get into whether with action sports like wakeboarding and skydiving, or go karting.


Highlife Panama is about providing you the ultimate experience in this tropical metropolis. We are your personal concierge to get you anything you want while in Panama. 

What Makes an Epic Bachelor Party?


  • Private Yacht Charters

  • VIP Tables and Bottle service at Top Nightclubs

  • Your own mansion 

  • Rum Tasting in the historic district

  • Panama Canal visit

  • Jungle Excursions

  • Action Sports 

  • Five Star Accommodations

  • Internationally Acclaimed Restaurants

  • VIP Concierge & Transport Services

The Highlife Jungle Mansion is the premier luxury villa tucked into the hills above Panama City. 

A multi-terraced residence with 5 standard suites and 2 master suites that accommodates 14 sleeping guests. The amenities allow for relaxation or party with 1 communal jacuzzi, 2 en suite jacuzzis in the master suites, open bar, movie lounge, billiards, private steam room, and a swimming pool. 

We arrange it all so your stay is hiccup free, no headaches, only the best. With full time staff on site who believe in 100% discretion the mansion is your playground. 

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We offer an all inclusive yacht party experience that is second to none in Panama. Setting up your group with the perfect yacht or catamaran depending on your group size and budget. We stock the boat for an open bar party consisting of either standard liquors including Stolichnaya vodka, Ron Abuelo, national beers, and mixers OR we go premium in which you tell us your preferences and we stock it such as Grey Goose, Patron, Johnnie Walker- you name it.

Group transport is included and all marina fees or loading fees. When we say all inclusive, we mean everything is taken care of. We'll also provide a VIP host who can take care of any party favors or extras for the boat party.

Departing from Flamenco Marina we take you out into the bay of Panama City, shoot past the entrance to the Panama Canal and out to a nearby island called Taboga where we pull up alongside other yachts in party mode and drop anchor.  

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The Highlife Plus- don't wait in lines, don't worry about reservations. Need more bottles or local insight for everything your bachelor party needs…

If the Jungle Mansion isn't for you then we can arrange penthouses and suites at one of Panama's finest hotels where we have excellent relationships and can pass on savings and perks to our clients because of it. Feel free to ask us about the Trump International Hotel, Sortis Marriott Signature Hotel, Waldorf Astoria, or the Hilton on the Bay. 

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WHY book accommodations with Highlife Panama?

  • We can match any listed rate

  • There are no guest fees for bringing outside guests to the room

  • You still get to collect your hotel reward points

  • Priorty status treatment as a Highlife Panama corporate client

Your Panama Yacht Guide

Located at the heart of world shipping, Panama is surrounded by water and boasts hundreds of islands in various archipelagos around the country. Situated alongside the Panama Canal, connecting the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, Panama City is a playground for the wealthy or those looking to let loose. With a wide selection of yachts, boats, & catamarans ranging in size from our 18 ft Scarab speedboat to our 105ft Broward mega yacht we definitely have the right boat for you and your group for either hourly, daily, or weekly yacht rentals. 

Depending on your desired activity you will recommend different vessels, so if it is deep sea fishing you are interested in to catch that prize winning marlin just let us know because you may be more interested in our 58ft Bertram. For yacht parties, we have designed a series of all inclusive packages to remove the stress of organizing. These packages are for all budgets and group sizes. Each yacht party package includes roundtrip transportation to and from your hotel, open bar, marina fees, loading fees, and fuel costs. If you're looking for any extras for your yacht charter like a masseuse, DJ, or additional partyfavors just let us know. 

Have you ever dreamt of setting sail into the Carribean sunset on your own private yacht? Envisioning crystalline waters as you swiftly sail past small islands dotted with palm trees? In Panama, that isn't just a fantasy but an obtainable reality. This reality isn't out of reach for those of us on budgets either. With the bluest turqouise waters and unique tropical islands Panama has become the must stop destination for every mariner or yacht dreamer. 

While in this Latin American destination your yacht charter can take you to a number of nearby islands from the capital of Panama City. Cruise through the famous Panama Canal or shoot out to the island of Taboga to drop anchor and party with the other anchored yachts. Whether you decide to charter your vessel to the nearby islands or get a first hand look at Panama'shistoric canal, you'll be in for a treat not soon forgotten.  

Anchor your yacht  in the midst of the crisp blue water and dive in to find out exactly what tropical perfection feels like. The weather in Panama near guarantees a clear day, so you should have no problem in having to deal with rain or rough waters. Though the weather report may say it is going to rain, this only refers to somewhere in the country. It hardly rains in over the water in the Panama  Bay.


For the ultimate private getaway, dock your boat at one of the nearby island and set up your party on the gorgeous coast line. 

On the calm waters surrounding Panama,there is little you'll have to worry about. Rent the vessel you're comfortable with and you'll be feeling like a captain in no time. Outside of your private cockpit, your fellow seagoers will be far too engrossed in the perfect scenario they're in to even remember that their lives rest in your hands. Be sure to bring a camera; you never know what you'll see on your own private journey.

Panama Mansions- Review

One thing that sets Panama apart from other Bachelor Party locations in the Central American region is the breathtaking high rises that pentrate the sky in this international metropolis. As an international financial hub, Panama City boasts some of the finest hotel chains such as the Sortis Marriott Signature, Waldorf Astoria, Trump International Hotel, Hard Rock, and the pinnacle Hilton on the bay.  For many bachelor party goers who have perhaps been to Jaco in Costa Rica or San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua you got a taste for the mansion lifestyle and want to replicate this in a more urban center such as Panama.


So do you go with the apartment rental, private penthouse, or mansion rental? 

We have our own mansion up in the hills of Panama, which we cannot describe highly enough.  The Royal Mansion, which is situated 8 miles outside of downtown is meant to party, not to stay. Our jungle mansion is built for absolute relaxation as well as a festive gathering of debauchery. There are not any mansion options within the city center. We've looked- and they don't exist. Just outside the city though you will find amazing options- couple this with private group transport and you've got no problem.  If you want the mansion experience, then it does exist but you'll have a slight drive into the city when you want to hit downtown, but if this isn't an issue then you'll get definitely get your money's worth. 



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