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Only have a weekend? This 2 day party package is the best way to experience Panama at night and by sea!

What is included in the Ultimate Panama Weekend?


  • Private Yacht Charter for up to 20

  • VIP Tables and Bottle service at Top Nightclubs & rooftop bars

  • Highlife Concierge & Private Group Transport

The Nighlife Circuit

Our nightlife hosts know just about everyone in the business and will make sure that you and your crew only frequent the best spots in town.  A typical nightlife circuit will begin with a round of welcome drinks at one of Panama’s spectacular rooftop locations in the heart of downtown, followed by bottle service at one of the city's most exclusive rooftops in the old town.  From there we keep the party going  with bottle service at the hottest club of the night.  The vehicle we use to transport your group around will be stocked with ice cold beer so that you will never go thirsty between locations, and you will have enough space to invite a few new friends you find along the way...

The Yacht Party

The best way to experience Panama City is from the water, and the best way to enjoy the water is with a cold beverage in hand and the company of your best friends onboard one of our yacht parties. Depending on the size of your group and the magnitude of the party you plan to throw, we set you up with the perfect vessel, including open bar. 


A typical itinerary consists of heading out to nearby Isla Taboga where we pitch anchor next to likeminded vessels hosting parties of their own.  The water is crystal clear and beautiful for jumping off the boat and swimming around.  The island itself has a cool little town, some great local restaurants, and large public beach. We provide you private group transport from your hotel in the city to the marina, covering all marina fees with a host onboard. There are no hidden fees. 

*NOTE: 10 person minimum - 20 person maximum
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