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Public Pool Parties in Panama

It is nearly always hot in Panama, making it the perfect location for year round pool parties, boasting several stunning pools in which locals and tourists can visit - or throw some wild and out pool parties. Now, this isn't Vegas, but that doesn't mean you won't have fun. So the question becomes - where are these pool parties where you can just show up and join in?

You can regularly find public pool parties at the Sortis, The W, The Hard Rock Hotel, JW Marriott (Formally known as The Trump). You can also find lots of smaller public pool parties in Hostels and Boutique Hotels like Selina’s Casco Viejo and Los Mostros in Marbella. Then of course you have many other options to throw your own private pool party. You want to do it atop one of the many skyscrapers? Or what about throwing it at the beach or in the mountains? Either way, contact the guys at Highlife Panama to hook it up. In this article I'll be going over the different public pool party locations.

The Sortis Hotel Spa & Casino - Obarrio

The Sortis Hotel, Spa & Casino Autograph Collection has one of the nicest pools in Panama City center and regularly hosts public pool parties, located on Calle 56 y 57 Este Obarrio, Bella Vista. This hotel has plenty of food and drink options within the hotel, a pool bar, day beds in the pool, great service and friendly staff. The Sortis is more known for its nightlife, casino and after parties but when they do have a public pool party its not to be missed.

Panama Pool Parties

The W Hotel Panama - Calle 50

Centrally located in the heart of the business district, The W Panama proudly disrupts the skyline of the city with it’s regular Wet Deck Pool Parties most Sundays from 12am. Amplified by local and International DJ’s your experience at The W Panama should be one to remember. Where the local scene meets bold design and opens up for the public to party the night away. Keep an eye on social media for Highlife updates on the next pool party. Just around the corner from the W you now have a new Red Lion which boasts Sun Grooves every Sunday night.

Pool Party at the W Panama

The Hard Rock Hotel Panama Megapolis

The Hard Rock Hotel is another great location to find public pool parties at there Float Pool & Bar overlooking the incredible Panama City Skyline, they evan have music under the water. Located on Ave Balboa right in the heart of the city, anyone can walk in and pay a day pass fee of $25 to use the pool.

Hard Rock Pool Party

The J.W. Marriott - Punta Patilla

One of the most luxurious infinity pools in Panama City is at The J.W. Marriott formally (The Trump). The spacious infinity pool gets amazing sunrises over the Pacific Ocean, not so well know for crazy pool parties but does a great Sunday BBQ Brunch. The poos here only get the sun in the early hours of the morning so it’s not the best location for public pool parties but it does have a fantastic view out over the Pacific Ocean with Panamazing sunrises.

Panama Pool Party at Trump

Selina’s Casco Viejo

One of the new ‘Hot Spots’ in Casco Viejo is Selina’s Hostel with a constant string of backpackers passing through its doors, nightly events and weekend pool parties. With 2 full rooftop bars, a pool with a view back towards the skyscrapers of downtown Panama City, this is great place to start in the old town. There is also an option to do semi-private events here with open bar and/or open tacos on the rooftop. Selina’s regularly host’s local and international live music, art classes and other events, they also have a new tattoo studio on the ground level.

Selinas Panama Pool Party

Private Mansion Pool Parties

With so many private mansions scattered across the city, out to the beaches on both the Caribbean & Pacific coast’s, up into the mountains of Cerro Azul and El Valle. All you need to do is pick your desired location City, Beach, Mountains or evan private Island mansions in Las Perlas or Bocas Del Toro contact the guys at Highlife Panama and let them do the rest. They can organise your perfect pool party in any desired location including round-trip transport with all their packages.

Royal Mansion Pool Party

So if you are just looking to soak up the sun and chill by a nice infinity pool go stay in The J.W. Marriott or The Hard Rock Hotel. If you are looking for a more party all day, all night Hotel go stay at The W or The Sortis and if you really want to have your own private Highlife Pool party in you desired location City, Beach or Mountains contact the guys at Highlife Panama and they will point you in the right direction.

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