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What Action Sports Activities are Available in Panama?

The question always asked is, what options do you have like quads or adrenaline pumping activities in Panama?

Short answer – Nitro City

Guys are always comparing Panama City with places like Jaco in Costa Rica or Medellin, Colombia. When it boils down to it, Panama City has more offerings than either of those two, but one of the biggest questions arise from the action sports options available. We’ve been to Jaco and done the 4x4 quadding and to Medellin and done the paragliding, but in Panama you can combo up the action.

Within the city limits there are go-kart and paintball options, but for really getting dirty, you have to head west about 1 hour until you get to the Chame point where Travis Pastrana built the world’s first action sports resort called Nitro City.

Travis and his Nitro Circus crew made this place a home away from home, custom building a playground for the extreme and a pool + bar for the relaxed. With a full motocross track for motos or Polaris dune buggies you can embrace that need for speed. In the water, they built a cabled wakeboarding pool. Get salty by grabbing the wind and kitesurfing in the ocean bay or hop on a jetski. When asked about adrenaline fueled activities, we always give the same answer – Nitro City.

Since it is so close to the city, we tend to arrange day passes for everyone who asks us with booze fueled buses for transport. Back in March, we took over the place with 7 of our favorite NFL stars to throw a killer pool party where the Hennessey never stopped flowing and took over the DJ. We love this place and everyone who goes with us loves it too.

Wakeboard Cable Park

A little bit different than your traditional wakeboarding experience. There is no boat towing you; instead there are two towers with a motorized cable running you from one end of the pool to the other, but do not fret, there are awesome obstacles, ramps, and boxes for you to shred. This is the first and only cablepark with two towers in Panama, open year-round. Gear is also included in the rent. You’ll be able to learn freestyle with their trained instructors, too.

MotoCross and Polaris Buggies

There are two motocross tracks available – one more basic for beginners and workshops, and a second beachfront track ready to challenge even the most experienced riders. There are also a variety of MX bikes and riding gear available for rental. Lessons can be organized with advance notice. For the coolest journey that you'll ever experience on a buggie, the new Supercross track has it all. Choose one of the Polaris Put Rzr-S 900 side-by-sides and you will not regret being at the wheel of these adult go-karts.


Kitesurfing is a watersport in which a kite pulls the kiter by four or five lines, allowing him to move freely over the sea and jump to unimaginable heights. Gisela Pulido Kitesurf Panama has come into being, thanks to Gisela Pulido, x10 PKRA world champion. She’s got the world cup of Kitesurf.

With the success of her kitesurfing school in Tarifa, Spain, Gisela Pulido invited the right instructors with the right tools to open the doors of Gisela Pulido Kitesurf Panama, available now at Nitro City. The experience of years of teaching and practice of this sport allows them to offer excellent courses.

If you already have the skills, then feel free to rent the gear.

Pool Party

Grab a drink, hit the pool, and keep the party going. Overlooking the ocean in this paradise, you can’t go wrong even if you’re just chilling in the pool.

For more info on activities and getting your group out to Nitro City, talk to us at Highlife Panama to get you and your crew day passes with welcome drinks, round trip transport, and filled coolers for the road.

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