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4 Pre-trip Tips for Any Bachelor Party

With the obvious bachelor party essentials aside like picking the dates, weighing options, reserving hotels; we are going to cover the advanced stuff here. If this isn’t your first buddy getting married, then you’ve probably realized these things already, but it becomes important to address.

After having thrown and participated in enough bachelor parties to need a liver transplant we’ve done the research so you don’t have to.


You know what every bachelor party does not need? Gonorrhea. Okay, besides that? It doesn't need a mopey dude who bitches about how much everything costs. Yes, the weekend will cost you money. Just swallow it. And brace yourself for it by budgeting in advance, way in advance, like 3 - 6 months out. Those $20 tips to the ...ah, "entertainment specialists" will feel less painful if already in your budget.

2. Have A PLAN

Alright, that’s really open ended and doesn’t sound as thrilling as say, a “Hangover”-esque thrill ride, but ultimately you do need an itinerary that's a Strategic, Tactical, Ready to Implement Plan that Properly Executes Resources. (That's sort of a mouthful... if only it had an acronym.) The plan needs to avoid being too detail oriented that sucks the fun out of the experience with a minute-by-minute breakdown. At the same time the plan can’t be too open-ended that leaves you and the boys questioning what’s next all night and not really doing anything.


Build the anticipation. Hype it. When you were a kid, the best part of a birthday or Christmas or a vacation or whatever was looking forward to it, not, necessarily, the actual trip itself. Embrace that. A few weeks before the bachelor party, someone should kick off an email chain that just falls short of incriminating evidence.


This one's less fun. Sorry. But it needs to be said. Before you go online to, hoping to reserve the Twin Special for the groom, you need to know his parameters. Some grooms simply don't want to go to strip clubs. Some do, but their fiancées have put it off the table. If that's the case, you're not doing him any favors by guilting him into a lapdance. Best case, you put him into an awkward spot. Worst case, you risk jeopardizing his relationship with his fiancée or his relationship with you. Respect the boundaries.

If you want help in the planning, execution, budgeting, and basically ensuring that booze is always on hand, “entertainment specialists” at your side, and the perfect yacht ready to disembark talk to us at Highlife Panama to see what we can do for you. Original Post

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